Who We Are

Welcome to Coffco Food Pvt. Ltd

Coffco Food Exports has successfully been introduced in world market by providing its customers a full range of Food products including Rice (Basmati & Non-Basmati), Spices (Red Chilies, Turmeric and Others), Pulses, Nuts, Sesame, Onions, Fruits & Vegetables, Sea Food, Animal feed and others. Coffco Foods combined with international trade experience and a vast knowledge of the global market place, and continue in building up a strong base of clients and partners. We are a global Sourcing and Exports company. We collaborate with many Importers across the globe for various Food & Agriculture Products including Africa, GCC and Asian Countries. We maintain a worldwide network of business partners and service to Food Importers and sourcing services for Food buyers. Our staff is very experienced and is well committed. We ensure that all orders are executed smoothly, and we give equal importance to post-shipment and delivery services. Our clientele range from global majors, end users and traders in the domestic and international market. With our strong networking with End Sellers, Exporters and Importers across the globe, we are ideally placed to meet all listed products. Our service capability will ensure on time delivery be it a small or large quantity.

To evolve into a globally integrated company of tomorrow with a comprehensive approach to logistics, providing seamless flow of goods and materials from source to end user. To maintain our position in the global marketplace as a provider of quality products and services thereby ensuring economic growth for our customers, associates, employees and the community.

Coffco Foods is a fully integrated Processing & Manufacturing unit. That is run by a team of trained, skilled and highly motivated people working closely together to maintain an optimal & consistent quality of our products. The management team comprises of the three main divisions: Purchase, Production and marketing. It is due to this stong team work that we are always able surpass our customer;s expectations.

We are committed to give our best in what ever we do, so as we are able to make a difference to the person who is responsible for providing the food to everybody. The Company shall work towards delivering long-term shareholder value through fair business and organizational practices and the Company strongly believes that such value cannot be achieved by short changing the customer